Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What is this space?

What is a blog anyway? Is it a place where the blogger expresses every little thing that goes on in her head? That's not my intention. I have a private journal for that. I'm well aware though of the huge elephant that sits in the room of this blog, things I don't talk about but that do occupy a place in my mind every single day. My reason for creating this public space was first to record my year studying in Norwich and second to provide my family and friends with my progress. It's challenging to find the balance between blathering too much about how I'm feeling and providing enough information to keep people from falling asleep while reading it.

Today is Wednesday, so I'm now home from the university until next Monday, unless I decide to make a trek to the library. I know what I have to Virginia Woolf's Flush, her biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's cocker spaniel, for a start. (I'm avoiding the "dog" word here, for personal reasons.) Then I have several reprints to read, a Phd dissertation to edit (paying job), Writing Centre work (paying job), and some writing to do for my own dissertation (unpaid job). It's so important to stay focussed and not distract myself by, for example, searching the internet for never-seen-but-always-wanted-to movies to download. That's what I'd really like to do though - an antidote to the intellectual calisthenics. But I do enjoy Virginia Woolfe, and even though it's very sad that she ended her life by walking into a river with heavy rocks in her pockets, I'm sure her accounts of Browning's Flush will be just as entertaining as, say, any of the antics of Sarah Jessica Parker and Co.

I just got back from my walk to the local supermarket called Morrisons, and I'm all stocked up for next few days. As I came in the door, the sky opened and a torrential rain is now rapping hard on the skylights. I think we're in for some cold wet weather, but nothing like Vancouver is experiencing. I've been reading the Vancouver Sun online, my way of spying on my home town, and it seems like winter has arrived there earlier than usual. Norwich too is bracing for a brutal winter, and today "severe weather warnings" were issued for this eastern part of the UK. I'm all cozied up though, with enough food to last at least a week, and enough books to last for the rest of my life.

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