Saturday, 2 April 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today I learned that I'm getting a small refund on my income tax. Such a relief, given I thought I'd owe Canada Revenue something. I'd cashed in an RRSP last year and that seldom makes good financial sense, but my tuition for this Master's program offset any owed taxes. I have to think there's some sweet reward in that. If I hadn't made the huge decision to come to the UK and study (some would say "foolhardy"), I would actually owe the government money. But I followed my passion and now I'm getting a small financial reward for my efforts. The personal reward can't be measured.

Today was a day for reflecting, probably because I decided to do a thorough cleaning of the flat. Why? Because I have an essay due next week. When I was working on my Bachelor's degree, Darin and Geoff would come home from school, smell the Mr. Clean, the Pledge wax, and the bleach still lingering in the air, and say, "Do you have an essay to write?" I'd go into avoidance mode, clean everything in sight, and then sit down to write. So that's what I'm doing today. The other thought that came to me as I applied teak oil to the counters was how fortunate I am to really have no other concerns or distractions while I'm here studying, except for my work with the UBC Writing Centre and some small editing jobs. Everyone else in the program has a family - husband, wife, boyfriend, kids at university, but I have only myself to tend to while I'm here, so I can focus completely on my studies without feeling I'm neglecting anyone or anything. I'm the only one in the program who can say that, and I realize it gives me quite an advantage.

Nancy left for London yesterday for another dental appointment - the first of several over the next few months - and then she's off to Kent to visit a friend for the weekend. That's why I decided to plunge into the essay and do a bit of spring cleaning. Sally arrives next Friday for a visit and Nancy had planned to be back in Morocco by then, but there's room enough for everyone at the flat and it should work out fine.

I woke up this morning and decided to spoil myself with a good ol' English fry up, and it looked so good I took a photo. Decided against the fried bread in consideration of my arteries.

I've finished cleaning, now to the essay. But that a dust bunny on the book shelf?

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